I’m a programmer living in Ethiopia.  I’m a (mostly) inactive FreeBSD committer and a big fan of pfSense and FreeNAS, both of which are based on FreeBSD.  I’ve recently fallen in love with Python and Django.  I also have a side interest in breaking things, and love playing with Backtrack and other security tools. My biggest disappointment so far is that I haven’t found many people here in Ethiopia that I can share these things with. I’m currently in the process of starting up a business based on OpenERP.


7 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Mike, It is very nice of you to share your experiences with the world, and i hope u will keep it up. Can u please suggest the steps on how to import a beginning balance so that to put OpenERP in live environment. Thanks

  1. Hi Mike, what version of OpenERP do you use?, kindly please share your business setup here?. I’m currently in setting up for manufacturing and the tutorial ebook provided in OpenERP site is for Open ERP version below 7. (I’m using version 7). Thank you !

  2. Selamta Mike, keep up the good work. I’m currently working with Open ERP 7.0. for translations (English German). Are you in Addis? Cheers, I.

  3. Hi Mike, you have done a great job with OpenERP! I see that most modules are available for v7.0 but there has been no activity on your blog for a while. Are you still working on OpenERP / Odoo? Are you interested in joining a project for additional HR modules development?

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